Hello, I’m Piotr 👋

I design user-centered solutions that win users
& generate effective commercial results.

Extensive experience as a Designer & Manager enables me
to face goals with confidence, allowing me to build successful teams
and establish processes, strategies, and products.


Profile & experience

I am a strategic thinker with a strong emphasis on user-centered design. I am a Designer & Manager with substantial international expertise and a track record of creating great products.

In addition to my technical talents, I possess excellent managerial and communication skills that enable me to efficiently manage and inspire cross-functional teams in a hectic setting. I am good at forming cooperative relationships with stakeholders and overcoming the difficulties of working across time zones and countries.

I am confident in my ability to lead teams to success and spur corporate growth via user-centered design since I have a love for innovation and a dedication to providing excellent user experiences and service design.

I am a co-founder of the Service Design Network Association - Polish Chapter and one of the pioneers of UX and Service Design in Poland.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of mentoring at Hack Yeah, the largest European Hackaton, and organizing Global Service Jams. I teach at the WSE University in Kraków and speak at significant industry conferences.

I contributed to the e-book “Design Process for Pros” as one of its authors, where I discussed the discovery and ideation processes.

If you are a "number person" I can summarise my experience quickly:

  • 20+ years in the industry making the world a better place
  • 50+ projects I've been involved
  • Dozen of processes designed, delivered and implemented
  • Dozens of Discovery Sprints and  Workshops designed and facilitated
  • Hundreds of calls with potential and actual clients
  • Millions of income secured through the new projects I’ve designed and consulted

I had the pleasure of working for the following brands:



You can find some of my works on Behance, but if you are interested in the process, role and how I arrive at a solution – send me a message and I will share the link.

Get in touch!

If you want to talk about any topic, feel free to contact me - by email, at the top of the page,
or on my social media channels.


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