I do design both processes and products
that users love, and makes business happy.

I work full time for @netguru and if you really need some job-titles you can call me Product Design Consultant, Service Designer or User Experience Designer.

If you are interested in online or offline Workshops or Discovery Sprint and would like me to facilitate – read more about my approach, or book a free call to discuss how I can help to make your product blast.


Let me solve your problem!


The process is the key

Whenever I approach a new design challenge I start the project from an empathizing and deep understanding of both users’ needs and product objectives – business, market & functional. I strongly believe that all we have without data is an opinion, and it’s not enough. The first stage of my work - Understanding - is essential to setting a solid foundation for the Exploration phase.


Ideation and prototyping fuelled by the data create an input for testing with the end-users early. It enables iterations and improvement on the early stage, before fullscale Implementation. Combining design with an Agile mindset creates an opportunity to deliver the future-proof and user-tested solution which meets the business goals as well as exceeds the client’s expectations.

I had a pleasure to work with such amazing Clients:


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