Workshop – Earliest Testable / Workable / Loveable Product

Together with my skilled colleague Dominik Oślizło we’re running a workshop on a UXDX 2018 – Main Conference in Dublin, on 4th October 2018 –

Validate your Product as you Build It

With that big Product Vision in your head, you can get the feeling that you have nothing until you have everything – so there is a long path before you get there. And then – the hesitation comes to you head: is it something people will fancy? But worry not, there are a number of ways in which you can test your ideas even at early stages to check their feasibility, optimise them and ultimately: strategise the development of Product or feature.

The topics we will tackle during this session regard some practical approaches and practices you can use whenever you work with either Product or feature ideas that Users would love. 

  • Thinking post-MVP – the multifarious nature of viability and why we need a shift
  • Main risks to consider when planning a feature or Product
  • The importance of The Right Team
  • Why is it crucial to have a Product Mission & Vision
  • How to check the coherence of your Ideas
  • Small steps to prepare for a giant leap – how to validate your ideas at early stages
  • The value of strategising the development
  • Learning from Users and Progressive Enhancement