Is User Experience Research a Science?

Does User Experience Research need to be recognised as a scientific practice that is being utilised to define business models? Sounds bit strange, but if we take a look at how scientific research integrates into UX and business, then we can understand how this makes sense. User Experience research aims to provide insights and understanding into the perspectives and wants of their users through qualitative and quantitative methods. UX Research is predominantly empirical. Scientists from both the hard sciences as math, physics, biology, and social sciences like sociology, anthropology, philosophy or cognitive sciences are practicing research with the same understanding. Empiricism lies at the heart of UX – so if we can help explain patterns of behaviour using scientific methodologies, how far we are from the science or to be exact a social science?

08.05.2018 – UXDX Stockholm

The Nordics are doing it right when it comes to tech. The tech epicentre of Stockholm – containing Spotify, Klarna and King – had until recently the highest share of unicorns per capita after Silicon Valley. The region continues to be a hotbed for the next generation of startups in verticals like music, fintech and streaming. So what’s the secret of success? Speed, quality, market fit? Stockholm’s product leaders will gather for UXDX on May 8th to demonstrate how you get all three.

09.05.2018 – UXDX Copenhagen

According to Forbes, Denmark is one of the best countries for business in the world and ranks 6th in The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute’s “Global Entrepreneurship Index.” Join us this May in Copenhagen, the heart of Denmark’s tech world as we bring together leading product teams to share their insights on how they build a better product, and are speeding up delivery.

10.05.2018 – UXDX London

The UK’s status as a leading hub for digital innovation is as strong as ever in Europe and its tech sector is expanding more rapidly than any other industry. From problem, vision, to product launch, this day will talk through an integrated team approach to product development.

When I’ve got a chance to summarise all the thoughts and learnings from an amazing tour, I had another chance to present my ideas on home-field on UXDX Warsaw – 4.06.2018